Saturday, 14 May 2011

Please don't Steal my Boot!

Here in Southern Alberta with our very sandy soil we don't usually complain about moisture, it usually can be used, but sometimes it can cause problems and a little extra work. This year it left us with a fast majority of mud in the corals, making it difficult to walk and sort cows without losing your boot! The calves also struggled a bit, as they are up to their bellies in mud, we even lost a calve that got stuck in the mud and wasn't found fast enough!

We had to pile up the mud in most all of the pens because there was to much of it for the cattle to move around in and needless to say you had to be careful when walking to not get stuck or step into a place that was pretty much bottomless! It made sorting cows for AI'ing and various things more difficult, who new walking in mud could be so tiring but we managed to get it done and not lose our boots!

These are a couple of the piles that were made in the corals

One spot by the water trough that you don't dare walk in as cows sink to there belly which is why we let them go a different place for water.... they didn't like it here much!
But there always is a bright side to things and in this case, there is a lot of manure to spread on the fields for fertilizer and the last couple weeks with the beautiful sun is drying the corals up nicely and before long it will all be dust! There is never a dull moment out here, and those days of boot stealing defiantly kept you awake and on your toes! :)

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