Sunday, 22 May 2011

A perfect Sunday afternoon

We spent the afternoon tying up the bulls that we have entered for Bonanza and Summer Synergy shows this summer. The shows are still quite along way away but it was a test to make sure that we would be able to handle him as we expected that he would have a little bit of a temper!
When we tie up our animals for the first few times we use these metal ring halters! It is just a simple metal ring with a chain that goes around the ears. We find that the rings work really well, when they pull the ring digs into their skin and it hurts so as a result it does not take them very long before they stop pulling. Whereas we find with the rope halters they pull for a lot longer, a whole afternoon at least compared to the hour or so with the metal halter.

It was a lovely afternoon to tie up bulls and it went very well with the one bull entered and the spare that we may have to sub in for the high tempered one, only time will tell if he will be good enough to go, although after this afternoon it doesn't look very promising!

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