Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rocks and more Rocks!

In agriculture there is a variety of different jobs that need to be done, and while most of them are fairly pleasant to do, there are two jobs that I wish I didn't have to do!

One of these tasks that I did today is rock picking! It is important to pick up the rocks in fields or our lawn because when machinery goes in there to seed or mow the lawn, the rocks could wreck the machine by breaking blades or throwing up rocks that break windows. Then you have to fix the machinery, which costs money and takes time, so it is just easier to pick them up before any of those things happen!

Today I was picking rocks up in our backyard, because last year we brought in some manure to act as fertilizer for a section of our lawn that wasn't growing very well, and when they did they brought in a pile of rocks! But now the rocks are all picked and the grass is coming up wonderfully (amazing what a little manure will do) and now the lawn mower won't break or any windows for that matter!

So, even though I didn't really enjoy picking rocks, it is important and somebody has to do it! You just have to look at on the bright side, picking those rocks, probably saved time and money in the future, so it was worth it! As for the second job I don't really enjoy, I wasn't able to get a start on it, but I will very soon, so stay tuned to see what it's going to be!

Feel free to comment with stories or any suggestions you may have!

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