Tuesday, 31 January 2012

So It Begins!

Well, I made it back from an amazing trip to Switzerland and now the calving season has begun! It is my favourite time of the year, and even though we are not supposed to officially start until the 5th of February, yesterday we had our first calf, a bull calf, LBH 1Z. Even though we are not supposed to start for another few days, I guess it has technically begun! Today, we got all the straw stacked to put in the calving stalls ready for use. It is going to be a busy few months, with all the synchronising we did, we could technically get upwards of like fifty in a day, but that is not likely going to happen, they do spread out pretty good. Non the less, we should average probably about twenty a day for a good couple of weeks! Dad also built six more calving stalls in preparation of those very possibly busy days!!

I hope to get some pictures up of the little ones in this large world, as well as to talk about this wonderful time a bit more! As for now though, we did gain an addition to the family last Saturday in the form of a border collie puppy, he is quite the handful but non the less very adorable making it very hard to ever be mad at him!

Campbell :D