Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Registration after Registration!

RIt was a little bit of a rainy day so I spent the majority of the afternoon completing the registration of our calves. Being part of the purebred Hereford industry, every year we register our purebred calves. The registration is done on the computer through an online system, thank goodness, I could not imagine doing 458 calves by hand like my grandpa used to do back in the day when Internet didn't exist, however he wasn't registering quite as many.

This is a completed page with the necessary information of the calf. In this case the sire is
a Ribstone so the calf will become LBH 40W RIBSTONE 49Y. If it was a female then
"MISS" would be inserted in front of RIBSTONE.

It is a simple process, the dam is already on record so all we do is enter her calf. By entering the sire of the calf, and then through the sire the calf also gets a name, it's birth date and birth weight. The calve will then get a registration number and will end up with a pedigree that shows the animals name along with there parents, birth date and ownership!
The pedigrees can then be viewed online through the Canadian Hereford Website. Here is a link to one online with all the information of the calf, http://abri.une.edu.au/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=2021292A&2=2420&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=5958595B5A24252F23&9=525C595E
This is the official pedigree that we receive from the Hereford Office for our records.

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