Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How it all began!

It all began many years ago half way across the world in the little country of Switzerland where my grandparents were born! My grandpa (Han's Ulrich) first came to Canada in the 50's where he worked at a lumber factory in British Columbia. He then returned to Switzerland where he got an offer from a Dr.Amman to become a manager on the ranch that Dr.Amman owned in Canada. Grandpa then managed and ran Dr.Amman's Hereford Ranch for ten years. In 1968 he rented the ranch until he was able to purchase it in 1994. It was then known a Ulrich Hereford Ranch. During this time period he went back to Switzerland one more time to find his future wife Annette. They began a family on Ulrich Hereford Ranch east of Claresholm!

My dad was also born in Switzerland and he did his apprenticeship at two farms in Switzerland. The one man he did his apprenticeship for was my grandma Annette's brother. Her brother refered my dad to Grandpa and my dad then came to Canada to work for my Grandpa. This is where he met my mom and when they got married my dad became an integral part of the operation. I came along in 1991, followed by my sister (Michelle) two years later and my little brother Daniel in 2001.

In 2002 Ulrich Hereford Ranch was split into two operations, with my mom's brother contining to run Ulrich Hereford Ranch and we became Lilybrook Herefords. We now run and calve out about 500 hereford cows from the beginning of  February to the end of April. About 100 of the calving cows are commercial with the rest being purebred! When cattle aren't keeping us busy for the majority of the year we silage and hay during the summer.

A sky view of my grandparents house where it all started!

A few of our cows headed out to pasture last summer.

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