Monday, 30 May 2011

Invention Monday - Cattle Handling System

I am going to try starting a new feature on Monday's, my dad and my mom's cousin who works here part time each have a very creative mind and over the years have come up with many inventions to make the ranch life run a little smoother. My dad figured I should do a blog on our cattle handling system that they invented and built so I thought about it and decided that I would bring you one of our inventions weekly until I run out of them.

The cattle handling system we built we use quite regularly in processing cattle such as during preg testing, tattooing, ultra-sounding, weaning, etc.
chutesystem.jpg (15168 bytes)

Our cattle go up into the chute extremely well, they cannot see the end of the system so they therefore keep moving forward. It doesn't take much to get the cows into the alley, it makes it easier for the cows, as they just flow forward and the person that is running the cows in don't have to make their voice hoarse getting them in!

chuterack.jpg (16168 bytes)
Adjustable wall
A very useful feature that they added to the system, is the ability to adjust the width of the alleyway. We can make it smaller for the calves to go in and not be able to turn around up to making it wide enough for the cows. If a cow or calf goes down in the alleyway and gets stuck we can easily unlatch the back and move it fully out of the way so that the cow can be freed and able to get back up.

chutetub.jpg (14231 bytes)
Cows in the crowding top and alleyway

chutecalves.jpg (11462 bytes)
Calves in the alleyway made smaller

It is a wonderful system that has made our ranch life easier since we built it along with making it easier on the cattle, I uploaded a video of the handling system being used, it is hard to explain all the details of it but hopefully the video will make it easier to understand just how simple it is.


  1. Great choice for an invention to start off with, it was fun building it in the shop and then moving it into place. It has worked great and I have not had to do too much repair work on it yet...

  2. It has definantly worked great, it is still in great shape just a little dirtier then at the beginning! Hopefully you won't have to do much repair work on it in the future!

    Thanks for reading!