Sunday, 29 May 2011

Glorious Sun!

My spirits definitely  brightened this morning when I woke up this morning to the wonderful sun finally coming out!! After about five days of dreary dark days, it's wonderful to see that glorious sun!

Wonderful Sun
Now as long as it stays around for a while, enough so that fields will dry up so the farmers can get the rest of their seed in. It is quite critical that we get the seed in the ground sooner rather than later, Southern Alberta's growing season is already short enough.

The cows and calves I'm sure are also a lot happier with the sun shining on their back keeping them dry, as they graze in the green pasture.

Happy Cows

The cattle however were not the only one's enjoying the weather, with a gorgeous afternoon I took the liberty of going outside and throwing the football around with my little brother.

Daniel throwing the football
Hopefully the sun will stick around for a bit although they are calling for more rain next week, keeping fingers crossed that there wrong.... or at least until seed is all in the ground for sure! And it's Southern Alberta, weather changes practically by the minute so we just learn to take it as it comes.

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