Friday, 17 June 2011


Net wrap and Twine (blue is twine rest is wrap)
Quite some time ago, I did a blog post on one of the jobs that I don't really enjoy doing, well today the second lovely job of pulling twine that I could live without took place! I had been putting it off for quite a while, but dad decided it needed to be done, so I had help. There as four of us on the ground and one in the tractor cleaning the stack yards after us and within two and a half hours we had two stack yards free of twine! I must say I was very happy for the help because without them it would have taken me four times as long.

In the summer we do a lot of haying and we have four stack yards where we store the hay bales. The irrigation hay gets wrapped with net wrap and the dry land hay gets wrapped with twine. I personally prefer picking twine so you don't always have to tear up the whole ground to get the stuff out. In the winter months we feed the hay and when you lift the bales off the ground and they are frozen to the ground so when they get pulled away some twine and net wrap stay behind.

Daniel never ceases to amaze me, there he was yanking on
twine with all his might
So, we pick up the twine and net wrap in our stack yards for a few reasons. Twine can get caught in wheel bearings of vehicles, sometimes cattle, calves especially like to experiment and chew on things that they shouldn't chew on so they will sometimes chew on twine and it's not very good for them. It also keeps the stack yards clean and nice when people come to visit! It is one of those other jobs in the agriculture industry that isn't very fun but has to be done.



  1. You did take some lovely pictures, but there is no proof that you participated... although I did notice you doing your fair share of the work... you forgot to mention those lovely mosquitoes, they sure were not helping, eh! I did not notice them that much, since the windows on the tractor kept them out!

  2. Oh, yes those wonderful mosquitos, luckily I had bug spray on so it wasn't to bad! I did my fair share of work Stef, and you were my witness!