Friday, 10 June 2011

Happy Farmers Day!

As many of you may know today is a special day, it's Farmers Day. A day set out just like Family day or Victoria day to honor all the wonderful farmers and ranchers around that feed the world.

I am very happy that there is a day to celebrate farmers and all the hard work that they do, celebrations were held in many places, even the little town of Claresholm had a hamburger lunch, music, games, wagon rides, petting zoo, farmer's market and machinery displays at the local UFA. Farmer's don't get enough recognition for all they do, from helping a cow calf in the middle of the night to harvesting crops.

So, thank a farmer for all they do in this world, even though there is a day to celebrate farmers, they are working all the time, not eight hours a day but many more and sometimes at all hours of the day. So, to all the farmers and ranchers out their thank you for everything you do. Don't forget to thank a farmer today!

Happy Farmer's Day!


  1. Well shoot I missed Farmers Day! So a belated Happy Farmers Day to you. I think it is great that the community recognizes all the hard work that farmers put in to feeding those same communities.

  2. It is wonderful that communities recognize the hard work of farmer's! A Happy belated Farmer's Day to you too!!