Monday, 27 June 2011

Invention Monday - Shredder

shredder3bales.jpg (9521 bytes)A truck with a mounted bale shredder that we bought because the prototype that they built took to long to iron out so we went ahead and bought a Brandt Bale Processor for the back of the truck. This wonderful truck has three uses, we can feed grain out of the box in front of the shredder, it can be used to feed hay to the cattle and it shreds straw which is what we probably use it for the most. Pretty much all winter long someone is shredding straw into the pens.

shredderworking2.jpg (10691 bytes)Another sweet feature that my relatives came up with is they added a fork to the front of the truck so that there can be three straw bales loaded on at once, one in the shredder, one at the back and one at the front. This tends to safe quite a bit of time, so then you don't have to drive to the stack yard and get another bale every time you run out but simply push a lever and the next straw bale goes into the shredder.

This invention is one that saves a fair about of time and one that we use a lot. I have never had the privlege of driving this big truck, I have however had the honor of opening gates in cold weather for the person in the shredder so that it would save even more time. Unfortunatly the shredder has been in the shop for a while now getting fixed, hopefully it willwork again soon because it is a pretty important part of the ranch, especially come winter time so the wonderful cows and calves don't freeze! Here is a little video of the truck in action.

 For more info on this great machine go here.


  1. I appreciated you opening the gates, because when I have to do it, it takes a very long time... the truck is out of the shop but still somewhat disabled, it needs the differental replaced so it does not make funny crunching noises... but at least it seems to start without either... another job for when we are not busy...ha!

  2. When were not busy, ha is right! Always trying to find time! Hopefully it will work again soon!