Monday, 20 June 2011

Invention Monday - Gate Latch

Today's invention is a fairly simple one. We have a lot of land which means we have a lot of gates and my wonderful family inventors came up with a very simple and easy way to open gates. We do have three types of gates, some have a simple chain around it which is a real pain sometimes to close as the chain will hook onto the barbwire fence. The newer gates are wire gates that has three handles to hook. But most of them are the gate latches!

When the latch is open it makes the gate loose so that it's easy to lift off and open the gate, no use of a wirer puller or to much strength, and then when it's closed the gate is tight. One of those simple inventions that makes gate opening easier and faster to do. For more info on how it was built and with what go here.

Wire Gate



  1. I love gate latches like your first one! Otherwise my dad always seems to make them too tight and I can't get them open.

  2. Thanks, I love them too! I know how it is when a gate is to tight and it's annoying!

  3. That was exactly the reason we built the latch, some certain people tighten the gates so only a gorilla can open them... this way they are always tight but everyone can open and close them... great pictures...

  4. Exactly, I would have a wire stretcher permantly attatched to my body if we didn't have those gate latches! Thanks for reading Stef!