Friday, 3 June 2011

Dust Regulation.... Really?

I was searching the Internet for agriculture news and something to blog about, and I came across this which gave me a bit of a laugh at how ridiculous this is and I can't believe they would waste time on this regulation!

In the States the Environmental Protection Agency wants to regulate farm dust. Now, I'm not American but I do have to say that regulation is ridiculous and if it does pass it will affect the agriculture industry. We don't really have a control over the dust that gets produced from driving on gravel roads or combining and working in the fields. The only way we could control dust is go places and work in the fields after it has rained, and that does not happen all that often, ninety five percent of the time when you drive on a gravel road their is dust billowing behind you!

This regulation will cause problems for many farmers and ranchers  if they get fined, it is already hard enough sometimes staying a float in the business with out having to worry about dust regulations.

For the States sake, I hope enough people complain and the regulation does not pull through and if this comes up to Canada, I know I'll be revolting, I'm sure we have other pollution problems to worry about then a little dust on country roads!
This is a funny little video on the dust regulation!

Any thoughts, comments?

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  1. Honestly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard! Better not come to Canada! There are way more things to worry about than Dust! Ridiculous! Mind you with the rain we have had, I don't see much dust for quite a while :-)