Monday, 4 July 2011

Invention Monday - BBQ

Sheep in BBQ (41275 bytes)This little invention doesn't really help make life on the ranch faster but it sure does help with social life and getting together with people to visit and have a good time! My relatives invented a large stainless steel barbecue that can roast a whole pig or sheep. Many years ago we would have a pig or lamb roast, where we would roast a lamb or pig in the BBQ, we usually did a lamb because we used to have sheep. So, we roast a lamb and invite all our neighbors, friends, relatives over for a big gathering with lots of talk and lots of delicious food!

We haven't used it for years but it hasn't just been sitting around the last little while. The BBQ has roasted pigs for a couple weddings and has been borrowed for a couple other occasions to all withing the last year or so. A few features of the BBQ are:
  • The heat comes from the side not the bottom therefore doing a better job of roasting the animal.
  • There is a pan that slopes at the bottom of the BBQ so that the grease from the animal drains rather than flare up the BBQ.
  • It is not a whole BBQ but can be dismantled and put back together for easier management.
Pig coming out of BBQ (26906 bytes)They made a plywood frame to go around so then we are not losing much heat in our windy country. We have roasted a 56 pound lamb to a 140 pound pig with the meat being absolutely delicious and very tasty. I miss those days, they were a lot of fun and hopefully we will put this great invention to use again soon like we used to!

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